GODSENT is proud and excited to announce our comeback in CSGO with a new highly competitive Swedish CSGO roster. The team will consist of a mix of experienced players and some of Sweden's absolute best young talents.

The roster will be led and coached by Golden, who transformed from being one of the best IGLs is coming out of Sweden in recent times and now moving into the new role of being a coach. Golden's experience of leading teams in-game at the absolute top, in relation to his great intelligence and understanding of the game, will be an excellent foundation for him to become one of the world's best coaches in the coming years.

Golden will be essential in developing the very promising IGL - ZTR - who has been recruited from the Young Ninjas Academy where he acquired tier-one experience while playing as a stand-in for the Ninjas main lineup, showing great promise in doing so.

Draken will be playing the big green. Alongside him as support Rusty and entry fragger Plopski, who most recently was in NIP. To fulfill this roster and build on the newer generation, we will also have the young and extremely talented Joel, who is just finishing his high school studies and transitioning into becoming a full-time professional player.

This new lineup has great promise and will bring great hope to the Swedish Counter-Strike scene and the dream of the nation once again, seeing a Swedish roster rise to the highest level of competition.

With great anticipation and excitement, we wish the team a welcome into our organization. Our objective is to support and enable them with all the resources they need to succeed when we strive together to become an established team in the top-tier scene in the coming years. #GODMODE

Maikil "Golden" Selim says

I'm delighted and extremely eager to share my experiences and knowledge and also learn from everyone. The Swedish scene is something I've always wanted to help develop. It was the Swedish scene that gave me an opportunity, and now it's my time to repay it back. The players in this team have ambitions, goals, and dreams to achieve. Until we get there, we need to humble ourselves as individuals that have not achieved anything yet, a fresh page in everyone's books, a fresh start. My ideology has always been the team before individual goals and this is something the Swedish scene has been struggling with.
The upcoming talents from Sweden, which has a bad culture and team environment in CS has been anything but optimal for teams to grind with eagerness, willingness, and understanding of one another to commit to a common goal. My goal will be to try to change that and show another way to try to achieve success with GODSENT.

Emil " HeatoN " Christensen

We are so excited and eager to put Swedish Counter-Strike back where it belongs with some of the finest and most experienced players in a mix with some of the most talented young players I’ve ever seen.