Godsent welcomes Philips OnBblade as a partner for the remainder of 2023. Philips OneBlade is a well known brand globally and we are a part of their shared commitment to supporting esports and gaming in Sweden with this partnership. Philips OneBlade will feature on all Godsent official channels, player jerseys and be an integrated part of our streamer collective on Twitch throughout the year.

The partnership also entails us co-producing a video series following our main CSGO team later in the year which will be a part of a bigger series capturing the landscape of the next generation of Counter Strike in Sweden.

About Godsent
Godsent is a Swedish World-Famous World-Class Counter-Strike organization

About Philips OneBlade
With Philips OneBlade, you can trim, style, and shave both your body and face using a single tool. Choose your style with Philips OneBlade - shave with the blade, style lines with the edges of the blade, or trim your beard with the innovative 5-in-1 trimmer that easily snaps on. You can also attach the SkinGuard for intimate body shaving.