HEATON - Head of E-Sports and General Manager


Heaton has decided to transition into the role of General Manager & Head of Esports of the Organisation. This new title better describes his responsibilities, which is that of spearheading and managing the CSGO division, and Heaton feels that as he streams almost daily there is not enough time to properly mantle the CEO position, which in effect will continue to be held solely by Ludwig, who will continue his work in leading the daily operation of the organisation at large.

Except for the new title most things stay the same and Heaton remains a vital part of the management team and group of partners running the company, and a major shareholder.

In relation to this Ludwig has reaffirmed his commitment to the organisation and will remain the CEO for at least another two years.

The coming years Swedish Counter-Strike is going to continue to regain ground, and this is only the beginning of our journey. Come with us as we aim for the highest.