Godsent are most proud and excited to announce that we are in official partnership with Ideon Games - a CS:GO tournament tailored specifically for corporate teams. Developed in collaboration with local Swedish companies Ideon Science Park and Gigstep, the tournament will take place over the course of six action-packed weeks, culminating in a thrilling LAN playoff in Godsent’s hometown Malmö on October 27th.

This is the third year that the tournament is being hosted and last year's iteration featured sixteen teams from epic companies such as Axis Communications, Atea and PWC and the aim of this year's iteration is to at least double in size and host the best LAN final yet. Last year the trophy was lifted by the IT-company Cloudgruppen.

The event aims to bring together teams from various companies from all over Sweden in a spirit of camaraderie and friendly competition, creating an epic opportunity for co-workers to enjoy teamwork, play, passion, creativity, and strategic thinking as they compete for victory against other companies of all kinds.

The initial phase of the tournament will feature an online competition, with the top teams earning a spot in the highly anticipated LAN final at the Slagthuset Venue in Malmö. The final will be played in front of a live audience as well as being streamed online.

Ideon Science Park, a hub for innovation and technological development in Lund, and Gigstep, a Malmö-based consulting company, have partnered with Godsent to create the best possible CS:GO event which will be a professionally organized esports experience for all participants. This collaboration highlights the growing interest among Swedish companies to work with esports and gaming as a way to connect with people and the potential for innovative partnerships in the esports industry.

Ideon Science Park and Gigstep initially held Ideon Games exclusively for companies within the park, but due to the high demand for participation, the event has expanded to include businesses from the entire region.

"We are delighted to work alongside Gigstep and Godsent to create a unique event for esports and gaming in Skåne," said Lotta Wessfeldt, Acting CEO of Ideon Science Park.

Ludwig Sandgren, CEO of the Godsent, comments:

“It is a true pleasure to work together with Gigstep and Ideon Science Park to create a unique event for businesses from all over Sweden and we look forward to bringing our experience and resources into the production of the tournament. This will be the most fun company event ever and we are very excited about building this in our hometown Malmö.”

Fredrik Mohlin, CEO of Gigstep:

“Since the establishment of Ideon Games in 2020, esports has been a vital strategic focus for Gigstep. The focus has been on community building, the opportunity to collaborate, and compete against other companies. We are excited to continue our partnership with Ideon Science Park and Godsent for this year's Ideon Games,"

About Godsent

Godsent is a Swedish World-Famous World-Class Counter-Strike organization that has been active in the esports scene since 2016 with headquarters in Malmö, Sweden. During these years the organization has been a part of creating players that are considered legends within the space today.

About Ideon Science Park

Ideon Science Park is a dynamic hub for innovation and technology in southern Sweden. With a focus on collaboration between businesses, academia, and public organizations, Ideon Science Park provides the ideal environment for companies to innovate, develop, and grow.

About Gigstep

Gigstep is a hybrid solution between a traditional consulting company and a platform for freelancers – aka giggers. There's a job for everyone and finding the perfect match for both parties is their passion.

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