One more year with GP Batteries


"It's an amazing feeling to once again welcome GP as a main partner to Godsent for 2023. After initiating our collaboration in January 2022, we feel a sense of trust and gratitude with the renewal of the partnership, which is a sign of our joint vision for what is needed to lift the Swedish scene in esports. We will activate GP as a partner with our Swedish CS:GO team, as well as continuous visibility and campaigns with our Nordic gaming influencers on Twitch." - Matias Riihijärvi, Deputy CEO, Godsent.

Comment from Malin Jackne, E-Commerce Manager, GP:

GP is proud to announce a continued partnership with Godsent for another year. To support and be a part of their journey towards the top of the esports world, while also striving to make a positive impact on the industry, is extremely exciting. We share Godsent's passion for making sure that everyone can experience the joy of gaming on equal terms. We look forward to all the amazing things we can achieve together during this year.

About GP

GP is one of the world's largest battery suppliers with long experience in providing portable power solutions. Over the course of over 50 years, we've become battery experts with a passion for all types of portable power solutions. Our guiding stars are high quality and sustainability, with a user-focused approach. We power the devices and moments in people’s lives that make them feel more powerful. Every single day.


Godsent is one of Sweden's foremost esports organizations and has been a prominent force in CS:GO since 2016. Based in Malmö, they have a history of producing high-performing teams and have quickly established themselves as a significant player in the global esports scene.