Three years with Samsung Odyssey


For three incredible years, Samsung Odyssey and GODSENT have stood shoulder to shoulder, forging a bond that has reshaped the landscape of esports and gaming in the Nordics. Now this partnership extends to the end of 2023. The partnership has become synonymous with our GODSENT legacy, pushing the boundaries of gaming performance and capturing the hearts of countless fans worldwide with our co-produced production series.

At the forefront of innovation, Samsung Odyssey has consistently demonstrated their unwavering commitment to providing the ultimate gaming experience for us at GODSENT. And in this quest for excellence, we have together emerged as a vanguard of competitive gaming, showcasing dedication and unwavering godliness for gamers.

From the very beginning, Samsung Odyssey recognized GODSENT's insatiable hunger for victory, and together they embarked on a journey that would redefine what it means to be a true gaming powerhouse.

Beyond the realm of competitive gaming, this partnership has extended its influence to the gaming community as a whole. Samsung Odyssey and GODSENT have united in their pursuit of inclusivity and empowerment, nurturing the growth of aspiring young academy teams and female teams in both CSGO and Valorant. Since 2020 Samsung Odyssey has acted as our main partner to all of our female teams and academy teams.

Their shared commitment to pushing boundaries, overcoming challenges, and inspiring gamers has left a mark on our business as a whole. The 3-year partnership between Samsung Odyssey and GODSENT is more than a mere alliance; it is a testament to the unyielding pursuit of excellence.

As they continue to evolve and innovate, we at GODSENT eagerly anticipate the next chapter in this epic journey. Experience the pinnacle of gaming excellence with Samsung Odyssey.

Join us as we play big and win big.